Paradise Village

  ​Paradise Village​​

a senior living community in Kumbakonam

- Welcome to the best days of your life -

If you are over the age of 55 and are looking for a retirement community that provides you the maximum freedom and flexibility, you have come to the right place. Paradise Village, in Kumbakonam has everything you want in a retirement home, plus more. Go through our site and then click on the button below to visit us.  
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Why Paradise Village?

Tranquil surrounds
Paradise Village is situated in a 3-acre verdant plot on the banks of the river Arasalar. Though there isn’t too much water in the river these days, except during the monsoon season, the place still holds an old-world charm that takes you back to the years when the world was more peaceful, caring and beautiful.
The grounds are dotted with large trees of neem, teak, coconut and other indigenous species, with garden benches and quiet pathways for you to enjoy them from.​

Hospitality experience
Most retirement communities are built and run by realty players. The down-side of this is that, while the realty players are well versed in building and handing over projects, but they do not have much experience in managing the operations of a retirement community.
Paradise Village, however, is run by the same people who have been running Paradise Resorts for over a decade. So, you can expect the same level of great service that our guests get when you live here. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor for Paradise Resorts India, Kumbakonam and see for yourself.

Kumbakonam is a large town with all the facilities you need, including hospitals, hotels, and railway stations. The next big town is Tanjore, about 35 kms away and Trichy, a further 65 kms away. Trichy is a big city with an Airport, many large multi-speciality hospitals with world class facilities, and a large railway station well connected to Chennai through dozens of trains.

Cosmopolitan lifestyle
Paradise Village is right next to Paradise Resorts which gets a continuous stream of visitors from around the globe through the year. So, if you want to share your expertise, or just meet and talk to new people, young and old, from all over the world, all you have to do is take a 2 minute walk to the next compound and you will be in the most happening place in town!  

Welcome to best days of your life

| To live well is to eat well
At Paradise Village, we take pride in the food we serve. We are here to prove that a balanced, nutritious diet need not be bland and tasteless. You can enjoy the best dishes from our common kitchen or order from an extensive menu from our resort kitchen next door!
| There's no friend like an old friend
There's no friend like an old friend, but that does not mean you cannot make new ones. Paradise Village will provide ample opportunities to live closely with people of the same age and wavelength and make friends for life.
Here's to new beginnings!
| Freedom is the oxygen for the soul
Now that you have fulfilled all your responsibilities -towards family, children, and society- it is time to put you first. At Paradise Village, you can live life to the fullest. Learn new skills, meet new people, travel or just relax in the idyllic setting.