Paradise Village

Why you should consider living in a retirement community ?

If you are 60+ and your nest is empty, you may want to consider moving into a retirement community. To begin with, if you have any misgivings about the concept of retirement communities, please set them aside and read on with an open mind.

If you are around 60 years of age today, given the overall increase in lifespan and improvements in healthcare, you can safely assume that you will be around for another 20 – 30 years, at the least. 

In that time, if you live stress-free, eat well and look after yourself, you can almost guarantee that most of those years will be active and enjoyable. 
Now close your eyes and imagine a world that you would consider perfect for the rest of your life.  I am sure your mind is taking you back to your younger days when the world moved a little more slowly, where people had the time to be courteous and nice, when more people smiled, and you did not have a care in the world.

No cooking, no direct dealing with plumbers and electricians playing truant, no running behind the house help, no EMI to pay and no worries!

A retirement community provides all the infrastructure and the environment that you need to lead just such a life (active, healthy and happy) for the rest of your life!

A retirement community, especially one ensconced in an idyllic environment such as Paradise Village, provides a wonderful setting for what could be the best years of your life! 

Here are some of the positives of staying at Paradise village:

No laundry work

No cooking.  

A common kitchen provides tasty, well-balanced, and nutritious meals personalized to your requirements.  In addition, for the occasional craving, you will be able to order from the a-la-carte menu.
Each cottage comes with a washing machine.  A person also comes twice a week to help with the washing and drying at no additional cost. Additionally, central washing facilities are also available.

The company of like-minded people

No Housekeeping

  You will be living in a community of people of similar age and similar background, so you will have good company and the fellowship of people of the same wavelength.  In addition, forging new friendships will probably help you do many of the things you wanted to do in early life but did not have the time to pursue.
  The operators of Paradise Village will take care of all maintenance and housekeeping.  Change of linen as required, change of curtains, keeping the premises – inside and outside - clean will all be taken care of.  

A place to garden, or just potter about:

Chance to meet new people:

  Set in a 3-acre plot, Paradise Village provides ample opportunity for you to commune with nature. You can go on long walks, have your own garden with flowers and who knows, maybe even do some organic farming and grow your own vegetables.
Right next door is Paradise resorts with a constant stream of interesting people, young and old, from all parts of the world. So, if you are in the mood to meet and interact with some new blood, just walk over and talk to the guests at the resort. If you are well-versed in some traditional art forms or south-indian cuisine, maybe you can even take classes at the resort!

Opportunity to visit temples:

Full security: 

The premises have 24 x 7 security and is covered by CCTV. If you want to travel for a day, a week or even a month, you just have to lock up and leave. There is no need to worry about burglaries and break-ins, water leakages and power outages, or newspapers and milk packets accumulating at your doorstep.

It is not simply that Kumbakonam is known as a temple town. There are literally hundreds of temples around Kumbakonam, each with its own hoary past. You can visit a temple a day and still not have to revisit one for a long time.

For the non-Hindus, Velankanni and Nagore are not too far away either! 

Get all the medical support that you need:

Opportunity to learn a new craft:

Paradise Village has a nurse on duty 24 x 7 so your day-to- day health needs are taken care of. Doctors visit regularly for check-ups, and so do physiotherapists and masseurs.

An ambulance is also on standby ready to take you to the best medical facilities if and when required.
Nothings keeps ageing at bay as learning new things. With mundane tasks taken care of, you will have lots of time to try your hand at other things. You can choose to learn to play a new instrument, or learn a new language or anything else you have always wanted to do.


No purchase required:

Senior friendliness:

From the facilities to the services and personnel, everything about Paradise Village is senior friendly. Rooms have ramps so you don’t have to climb steps anymore. Bathrooms have grab bars and anti-slip mats so the chances of your falling down are minimized. The menu is designed by a professional dietician so you get all that you need and none that you don’t.

And our friendly staff are there around the clock to help you get whatever you want.
With Paradise Village, you don’t have to purchase the property. No
need to worry about who will need it after your time, how to dispose it off when not required, and no need to worry about all the other legal and tax hassles that go with owning a property. Just sign the lease agreement and the property is yours for as long as you want it.​