Paradise Village

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Services for residents
Retirement communities are classified under various categories based on the services that are provided.  Active living communities are places meant for active elders who wish to stay in a retirement community, but require no special services.  Serviced living communities are meant for elders requiring some level of support, which could include support for housekeeping, catering services, concierge services,  and other general support services.  

An assisted living  community goes further by providing support for daily living activities, such as bathing, eating,  and toileting for people who are not able to manage entirely by themselves.  Finally continuing care communities are geared to take care of all your needs including constant medical supervision and is meant for people who are terminally ill.
Paradise Village is categorized as a serviced to assisted living community.   To know more  click here... ​​
Get togethers and functions
The Paradise complex consists of Paradise Village, the Paradise Resort and a large function hall that can accommodate 300+ people.  This makes it an ideal location to conduct functions and family get-togethers.  Your family members and extended family members can come to Paradise, book rooms at special rates at Paradise Resorts, attend the function and then leave.  

Especially convenient for children coming from abroad when many times family functions such as Upanayanam, Shatabishekam, and Sashtiabda poorthis are combined with the vacation plans. 
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