Paradise Village

Services for Residents

Here are some of the positives of staying at Paradise village:​ 

  1. Laundry Services
    Each room comes equipped with a washing machine. You can use this for all your washing needs. In addition, Paradise Village provides a paid laundry service and you can avail of that facility any time you want.
  2. Housekeeping
    The responsibility of keeping your residence clean is ours. We have personnel who will come to your room regularly and ensure everything is in order. Bed linen will be changed on a regular basis and, twice a week, a maid will come to help you wash clothes and help you in any other way.
  3. Grooming services
    If you require grooming services at your residence, we will arrange for the required personnel to come from one of the empanelled service providers from Kumbakonam. We will ensure that their charges are reasonable. This will be a paid service. Instead, if you wish to go to the grooming centre yourself, we can arrange for transport for you.
  4. Concierge services
    We have people available during normal working hours for all kinds of errands and services such as arranging cabs for you, booking tickets for your travel, booking appointments with your doctor, bill payments, etc.
  5. Catering services
    One of the more time consuming jobs in the house is cooking. Thankfully, you don't ever have to cook again . Paradise Village has a common kitchen that provides tasty, nutritious, balanced meals for all residents. If, for a change, you want something else, you can always order from the Paradise resort's restaurant and bar (at standard rates)
  6. Infrastructure and maintenance
    The upkeep and maintenance of your residence and all the other common areas of the property is our responsibility. We will take care of all your plumbing, electrical and gardening needs. Additionally, the entire property is also under 24x7 surveillance and security, so you can sleep in peace, or lock up and leave for your vacation without any worries.
  7. Resorts and Serviced apartments
    Is your family coming to spend a few days with you? Not a problem at all. Your family members don't have to 'adjust' in the room with you. They can stay at the Paradise Resorts (subject to availability of rooms) at special rates. That way, they can spend as much time with you as they desire while enjoying the facilities of a world class heritage resort.
  8. Entertainment and activities
    There are a lot of things you can do in and around your residence. There is ample space for gardening, 100s of temples and other religious places to visit, and a host of opportunities to learn new skills. We also have a full-time activity manager who can arrange for activities that you wish for such as bringing in external speakers, performers and artists for your pleasure and enjoyment.
  9. General medical services
    A 24x7 nursing station with a trained nurse is available within the facility for all your emergency needs. In addition, doctors and hospitals are empanelled with us. Regular check-ups and your medical records management are part of your package. An ayurvedic massage room is also available and we can arrange a masseur at your request (at cost).
  10. Special medical services
    If you require special attention, or require help with some or all of your daily living activities such as bathing, toileting, eating, and walking, we can arrange for personnel with the requisite skill set from Kumbakonam (at cost). If you require additional medical services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc., those can also be arranged (at cost).