Paradise Village

Pricing Plans
Pricing Plans for residents
Given below are the prices various pricing options available to potential residents.  Each dwelling unit is roughly the same size with almost identical set of features and facilities.

Leasing options
There are primarily 3 long-term leasing options – Twin-sharing, Couple and Single.  The lease entails you to stay at one of the residences of Paradise Village until you decide to terminate the lease agreement at which time your lease amount and your medical emergency fund will be returned to you.  Your initial lease amount and the medical emergency fund do not attract any interest. 

If you are an individual and are willing to share the room with one other individual, take a look at the twin sharing section.  The costs there are for each person staying in the residence. If you are a couple, then take a look at the couple option.  All costs mentioned are for the couple together. If you are an individual and would like one residence all to yourself, look under the Single section.

Twin sharing (For one person on twin-sharing basis)
Short-term rentals
Subject to availability, Paradise Village residences are also available for rent on a weekly basis up to a maximum of 4 weeks.  This option is also available only for senior citizens and is provided as a way for people to stay and experience Paradise Village first-hand before deciding to sign up for a lease agreement. 



Other options
If you have an specific requests that are not covered above, please contact us