Paradise Village

Frequently Asked Questions (EAQ's)

Got Questions about Paradise Village? We’ve Got Answers! 

1. Can I choose to stay alone in a single cottage?
Yes. You can. Please refer to the pricing plans page and look under the Single section.

2. If I wish to leave Paradise Village, how much notice will I need to give? When will I get my lease amount back?
We expect 3 months’ notice from you under normal circumstances. We will return the lease amount by the end of the notice period. Under extra-ordinary circumstances (solely at our discretion), we will return the lease amount to you within a 2 month period from the time you vacate.

3. If I need a permanent assistant, will you provide me with one?
Yes. We will help you in finding a person. However, currently we do not have the facilities for them to live within the premises.

4. If I have relatives or family coming over, can they share the cottage with me? If not, where can they stay?
If you have opted for the Single plan, then one more person can share your room with you for a period of no more than 2 weeks at a time. Charges for services will apply. Otherwise, subject to availability, your relatives can stay at the resort next door. There will be a 10% discount on tariffs for your friends and relatives.

5. Are the different facilities available at the resort available for my use at any time?
Yes. The bar, the restaurant, the swimming pool and other common areas are available for your use, unless they are closed for everyone for unforeseeable reasons.

6. If I recommend this place to my friends and they come over and lease a place, will I get any commission?
Yes. 1% of the lease amount will be given to you if you bring in residents. In addition, those that you recommend will also get a 1% discount on the lease amount.

7. If I need to be hospitalized, what will the procedure you will follow?
We will arrange an ambulance and take you to the nearest hospital for treatment. If the nearest hospital is unable to handle the situation for some reason, we will take their recommendation and that of our empanelled doctor to move you to a larger hospital in Tanjore or Trichy as the situation demands.

8. My father has early stage Alzheimer’s. Can he stay at your place?
We are currently unable to provide the attention required for a person with Alzheimer’s.

9. My mother has dementia. Will she be able to stay at your place?
We are currently unable to provide the attention required for a person with dementia or any other form of mental illness.

10. Is there an ambulance available in the premises?
An ambulance is available with the nearest hospital and will reach our premises within 15 minutes.

11. If we wish to visit the various temples around the place regularly, will you make the necessary arrangements?
We have a concierge desk and someone there will help you with all the travel arrangements.

12. If we need to visit a specialist (A cardiologist, say), how far will we have to go? Will you make the arrangements?
This depends on the cardiologist or specialist you wish to consult. We will, of course, make all the arrangements necessary, including someone to accompany you to the doctor and back.

13. If I am visiting my children for an extended period, what will I have to pay on a monthly basis?
You will have to pay a nominal sum for the maintenance of the place while you are away.  

14. Are there any curfew hours?
There are no curfew hours. The community is open 24 x 7. However, we request you to inform the management if you are going to be late coming back or if you are not planning on having your food at our dining area / restaurant.